Orion 70mm White-Light Solar Refractor Telescope

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  • Specialized telescope with built-in solar filter for easy and safe views of the Sun
  • Compact 70mm, f/7.1 refractor with white-light filter provides a clean, high-contrast view of the Sun and sunspots
  • Enjoy a 25-power view of the Sun with the included 20mm eyepiece
  • Boost magnification to 50-power with the included 10mm eyepiece
  • Includes 90-degree diagonal for comfortable solar observations

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Discover the fun of exploring the Sun with the Orion 70mm White-Light Solar Refractor Telescope! This nifty telescope features a built-in solar filter for worry-free observations of the Sun, sunspots and more. Now you can safely observe the surface of our nearest star without the hassle of attaching a separate solar filter to your telescope.

A true solar specialist, the lightweight Orion 70mm White-Light Solar Refractor allows you to enjoy magnified views of the Sun and solar phenomena like sunspots, planetary transits, and eclipses. The compact refractor telescope sports a 70mm (2.75″), 500mm focal length objective lens which delivers a clean, high-contrast image of the Sun thanks to its built-in solar filter. You won’t have to worry about a solar filter falling off or becoming loose with the Orion 70mm White-Light Solar Refractor Telescope.

The included 20mm eyepiece delivers a 25x view of the Sun, perfect for observing the entire solar disk. For more powerful observations of sunspots, the Orion 70mm White-Light Solar Refractor Telescope also comes with a 10mm eyepiece which yields a 50x view. A 90° mirror diagonal places the eyepiece lens in a comfortable position for daytime Sun-gazing. Plus, if you want to capture photos of sunspots and other solar phenomena, the refractor telescope’s 1.25″ rack-and-pinion focuser features convenient T-threads on its drawtube for easy attachment of imaging cameras and imaging accessories.

Thanks to its compact size and very light assembled weight of just 2.6 lbs., you can couple the Orion 70mm White-Light Solar Refractor Telescope to a wide variety of telescope mounts and field tripods. The refractor optical tube features a Vixen-style dovetail rail for easy attachment to altazimuth and equatorial mounts equipped with like-sized dovetail cradles. Threaded ¼”-20 sockets on the dovetail rail allow secure attachment to field tripods. For a complete solar solution, attach this solar scope to the Orion Solar StarSeeker Mount (sold separately).

CAUTION: Never look at the Sun, either directly or through a telescope, without a professionally made protective solar filter installed that completely covers the front of the instrument, or permanent eye damage could result.


Limited Warranty against defects in materials or workmanship for one year from date of purchase. This warranty is for the benefit of the original retail purchaser only. For complete warranty details contact us


  • Best for viewing
  • User level
  • Optical design
  • Optical diameter
  • Focal length
  • Focal ratio
  • Coatings
    Fully coated
  • Optics type
    Air-spaced doublet
  • Glass material
  • Eyepieces
    3-Element 20.0mm,10.0mm (1.25″)
  • Magnification with included eyepieces
    25x, 50x
  • Resolving power
  • Lowest useful magnification
  • Highest useful magnification
  • Highest theoretical magnification
  • Limiting stellar magnitude
  • Optical quality
    Diffraction limited
  • Finder scope
  • Focuser
    1.25″ Rack-and-pinion
  • Diagonal degrees
    1.25″ 90° Mirror Star
  • Mount type
    Optical Tube without Mount
  • Tube material
  • Other features
    Built in White-Light solar filter
  • Warranty
    One year

In the Box:

Orion 70mm White-Light Solar Refractor Telescope
20mm eyepiece, 1.25″
10mm eyepiece, 1.25″
90-degree mirror diagonal, 1.25″
Dust caps


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